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Jay Schumacher, CHt is a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Transformational Life Coach, researcher, and writer. He specializes in re-education of the subconscious mind, self-realization, and personal empowerment.

Formally educated in Clinical Hypnotherapy, his private practice of more than 15 years is a unique synthesis of therapeutic techniques and scientific principles including all forms of hypnotic regression, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), bioenergetics, gestalt therapy, neuroscience, epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunology, and bio-accumulation and environmental optimization.


Jay is known for the transformational effect of his work, and his innate ability to see deeply into each individual’s mental patterns and life situations.

Born and raised in the United States he has spent over a decade living abroad and traveling the world aiding and inspiring people. He is a facilitator of transformational retreats for individuals and groups and is currently involved in the creation of a unique series of children’s books dedicated to healthy development of the child’s mind and brain function, as well as nurturing the parent-child relationship. 


J. Schumacher is a remarkable facilitator and therapist. His knowledge of the human mind and consciousness is impressive and his ability to utilize altered states for the sake of transformation is nothing less than that of a true master.

Dr. Brian O’Leary Author, Professor, NASA Scientist, & Astronaut

Working with Jay has been deeply transformative and empowering. It has enabled me to gain clarity and awareness not only of my unconscious patterns and perceived limitations, but also of my values, dreams and potential. By reconnecting and making peace with myself I have come into a state of wholeness and calm. This subtle but radical shift has opened up the space for me to get still, observe and make different, more aligned choices. All of this has happened with great ease and keeps reinforcing my confidence and ability to bring about positive change. The quality of my lived experience has completely transformed and empathy, joy, love and gratitude are naturally flowing into everything I do. It is still surprising to me how much can change when we experience new possibilities and step out of our own way.

Jay's integrity, empathy and skillful guidance have been indispensable for me to fully surrender to this process. Most of all, I am impressed with Jay's ability to work holistically with whatever comes up and meet you where you're at. Jay does not offer a simple program, tool or teaching; rather he really dedicates all of him to helping you transform in the ways you individually choose and need. His focus is on empowering you to forge your own path. Working with someone with his level of experience, clarity and presence is truly invaluable and I'm incredibly grateful to him.

I can say, without a doubt, that taking the courage to look deep inside has been the most rewarding journey of my life.

Martina Bogado

There are very few therapists who possess the level of personal evolution necessary to guide and accompany a person through true and lasting transformation to the other side. Jay Schumacher is one such rare therapist. The man and his work are impeccable, integral and ethical. Jay creates a space for transformation that is totally safe, nurturing, empowering, confronting and expansive. He is highly talented, brilliantly skilled. He is strong and courageous, sensitive and encouraging and tenaciously holds to his vision of your transformation, a vision he sees very clearly even when you do not.” 

“I speak from experience and a very informed opinion. I am a psychologist with 30 years’ experience in the many specialties of psychology and in many countries. Considering the numerous professional and personal trainings I have attended, none of them, nor no one, was able to “take me home” as Jay Schumacher was able to do.”

J. Jackson, Psychologist, Australia


Jay you have meant so much to me (us) in my life. I've only know you such a short time but you have brought SO much insight into my life and added so much value. Your work with me has been (to use a pharmaceutical term) like an extended release drug... It worked when I was doing it and it has continued working in my mind since. 


I'll never be able to thank you enough.

Best wishes on your journey!

With love and deep respect,



To whom it may concern:

For the first time ever, in July 2012 in Ecuador, we taught servant leaders from around the world to become Founding Organizers of what I call KINS Innovation Networks. In an 8-day workshop, 75% of the participants decided to go ahead and launch networks. This would have been impossible without the invaluable tutoring of Jay Schumacher relative to the nature of our personal reality and how the human mind works.

The students gave Jay the highest possible marks, as did I, for his world-class gift of inspiring us all to create our own highest potential. His is a gift of mastery unique in the world, and I say that following a life-time of working with America's top transformational healers.

I am Susan Davis Moora and for the last 40 years, I have been honored to work with top integrity leaders of sustainability to manifest sustainability for the world, particularly greening the global economy. I have created seven networks of servant leaders in different niches of finance from social institutional investors, to social venture capitalists, to micro-enterprise investors. These networks have resulted in billions of dollars of investments helping green the global economy.


Susan Davis, President, Capital Missions



Jay has an unsurpassed capacity to see through all the layers of someone's psyche and find the hidden connections and underlying patterns, spotting that which may have escaped years of observation and analysis. He is highly skilled at following whatever emerges in our minds to lead us directly to the core, where we can part the curtains and shed light onto our inner darkness, untangling the knots and stepping into our authentic radiant selves. It is thus not a surprise that he was the inspiration for my character of "the Sage", which leads the protagonist through the labyrinth of her mind, in my book, The Heart of the Labyrinth. For anyone who is truly committed to transformation, I cannot recommend Jay enough - whether it be to address a physical ailment, emotional or psychological stressor, or even simply to delve deeper into the nature of your mind and expand your consciousness and relationship with all of life. Every second of your time with Jay will be more than worth it - it will be a blessing. 


Nicole Schwab, Social Entrepreneur and Author, The Heart of the Labyrinth



"Jay has vast knowledge and a surgical expertise at revealing the inner workings of the mind. His genuine desire for others to find personal freedom infuses his approach with compassion."

Becca Tzigany, Author, Therapist, Mediator, & Community Activist


“Jay’s life experiences, his excellent analytical abilities, and his willingness to spend the time getting to the root cause of any problem have provided him with deep insight that, in my experience, is unparalleled. More important perhaps is the fact that he genuinely cares about everyone in his seminars.”

“I have had experience with many different self-improvement seminars and training opportunities, from the H. Stephen Glenn’s “Developing Capable People” program to the “Agents of Conscious Evolution” program with Barbara Marx Hubbard and my experience with Jay during our week-long workshop was unequalled in all of my experiences.”


John R. Strohl


“Jay speaks from the heart and addresses the mind in such an authentic, powerful, and skilled way that he gave all course participants the strength each one of us needed to grow and transform. He somehow met us exactly where we were standing and gave us the right push.”


Gabi Dragomir, MBA, Canada



Jay has a profound and personal insight into the nature of reality and how we each shape that reality with our mind. I just completed a retreat with him and already I'm blown away by the clarity and personal insight that I've gotten out of working with him.

Chris Lindstrom, New York, New York



“I can confidently say that by far this experience has been the most profound and transformative experience of my life. Not only did I learn about the mind, consciousness, and hypnotherapy, but I also learned how to be my own therapist and my own best teacher. This kind of learning is priceless. It is an education for life.”

“I was fearful to begin this process, as I did not know what skeletons I may find lurking deep within, yet now being on the “other” side I can look back and smile. I would say the most difficult part is the beginning; you just need to trust and dive in! Jay truly has a unique and special gift in helping people transform their lives. His authenticity, creativity, and commitment to his work is clear. He has developed his own style that is magical. This is the best way I can describe it. “


A. H., Vancouver, BC


“Thank you Jay for all you offered into our workshop. Although some of your work is not new to me, the way you presented it and how you have grounded me in it has been profoundly impactful. I am eternally grateful.”

“Heartfelt thanks go to you, Jay, for also helping awaken me to the memory of my deep-felt passion, purpose and destiny path.”

Beverly Jacobson-Schler, Producer, Shared Visions Films/Schler Productions


Recently I had the opportunity to observe Jay working with a group of 16 very different people for 10 days in Ecuador. His personal combination of intelligence, kindness, and caring are rare indeed. He is an excellent therapist and has a wonderful sense of humor which helped him herd all 16 people in the same direction at the same time.


Joyce R. Strohl


“Thank you so much for the sessions we did together, and your kind hospitality at your sanctuary. It changed my life profoundly and I am forever grateful to you!“

TW, Ecuador


My heartfelt gratitude goes to Jay for his innumerable, amazing gifts and skills as a teacher, a therapist and as a coach. He is a man of integrity and unending patience, with an ability to see deeper and go deeper into the realm of consciousness than most. He is grounded in the knowledge of who he truly is and nurtures the space for everyone else to realize the same about themselves. He genuinely is a master with profound wisdom and knowledge, sharing with the world his enthusiasm for the creative force of our imaginations and how we can all become Masters of own Personal Reality. 


CW, England


Working with Jay saved my life! The last six months of my life prior to working with Jay had been a descent into increasing stress, constriction and unhappiness. Now I have reversed the downward spiral and am experiencing the greatest healing and expansion of my life. Jay’s profound power to facilitate healing seems to come from his humility, the depth and breadth of his wisdom and from his very practical, down to earth approach. He is one in a million!

Marilyn Levin, Founder, Global Sufficiency Network


I met Jay Schumacher at a time when I was simply sick and tired of being me. My life was so full of negative information and I was so deep in debt. Jay provided counseling and with his help, I began to shift my beliefs and learn to listen to my inner voice and quickly my life began to change. It was painful at first but the pain was good because it lead me to find my true self. I learned to love me and be human as well.  

I have Jay to thank for the positive changes in my life. Every day now I marvel at how my life has changed in ways that sometimes seems miraculous.  Fear, anger and hatred have transformed into courage, joy, and love.


Carmen Hudson, Albuquerque, NM


“I have worked with at least 4 other therapists in the past and all were disappointments. With Jay, I got to the “core” and ultimately gave myself permission to move into an undefended state of love from which I have not moved.”


JH, Ojai, CA.

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