Create a new reality

Embark on this special journey

If you want to create a new personal reality- a new life- then you have to begin to examine or think about the thoughts you have been thinking and change them. You must become conscious of the unconscious behaviors that have led to the same experiences. You must make new choices, take new actions, and create new experiences.

95 percent of who you are is subconscious, and in many instances an unconscious state of being. 

You cannot create a new future while you are living in your past. It is simply impossible!

It is absolutely possible to make known the unknown and to shift one's reality in profound ways. Knowledge is power.

Are you ready to know yourself beyond the subconscious ideas which currently limit you?

Would you like to join us in an epic location in southern Ecuador this year?

We currently have limited openings for private, (one person) transformational retreats, as well as spaces within some very special group offerings. Contact us now!

Deep Ecology

 The term “Deep Ecology” was originally used to describe a holistic worldview, valuing all life forms and their multivariate interrelationships. Whereas the typical reductionist view encourages ideas of separateness, particularly between humans and earth, and has resulted in massive environmental destruction to the detriment of humans and all living things, Deep Ecology promotes a wholistic view of healing of the planet, and includes the importance of integrated human consciousness. In this way, Deep Ecology of Mind suggests that via an authentically deeper understanding of “what we are” and “who we really are”, we will naturally align with the ideal of optimal wellness of the individual and the planet. Deep Ecology of Mind is guided by the premise that humans must radically change their relationship to nature, from one where nature is valued solely in terms of its usefulness to humans to a new dynamic in which we recognize that nature has an inherent value and that all is connected.


Has your get up and go, got up and gone?

Do you feel tired or overwhelmed much of the time?

Are you looking for a fun and unique experiential holiday?

Do you want to explore new places, ancient sites and epic locations in nature?

Do you want to revive yourself, hit the re-set button and nourish your being?

Do you want to experience yoga, go deeper into your existing practice or yoga philosophy?

Do you want to enjoy healthy, nutritious and delicious food and learn how to make it?

Do you want to connect with like-minded souls, or withdraw for some sacred personal space? 


If YES, then we invite you to join us for a Yogalicious Retreat.


Caroline combines daily yoga and delicious, plant based foods in beautiful settings around the globe. She creates a relaxed, nurturing environment for you to explore your body, mind and spirit via food, movement and mindfulness. The abundant nature helps deepen your connection to yourself and the majesty of the world we live in.

Fun, informative and inspiring, these retreats blend mild adventures, education and rejuvenation. Using a holistic approach of exercise, nutrition, holistic therapies, meditation, & life management, you will learn practical insights and powerful practices to amplify your well-being.


We can customise the retreats to suit the individual or group and base them around certain focused themes such as, hiking; painting; sailing; plant based cooking and local farmers markets; detoxification; consciousness based education and exploration with hypnosis or journeying; essential oils; and self-care practices. Past retreat locations have been Ecuador; Morocco; Portugal; Lake District UK; Guatemala; Croatia.


*Special offer* - Gather your own group & your participation is free (excl' travel to/from location).

Group size to be determined based on place and theme. 


Contact us today to begin arranging your amazing experience and nourish your body, mind and spirit.

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