Private Sessions

Everyone can benefit from a bit of “TLC”

Transformatioal Life Coaching

Transformational Life Coaching, “TLC”, is all about advancement of one’s consciousness for the sake of increased wellbeing in all areas of life. It is a fluid process with no pre-set format. Each and every TLC session is unique and custom tailored to the client. TLC sessions follow the mind, and life path of the client and deal with whatever is happening in the moment.


TLC utilizes contemporary, readily understandable information gathered from neuroscience, epigenetics, psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, and clinical hypnotherapy.


Together we comprehensively explore the inner workings of the human mind. We examine the client’s belief systems, the effects of internal and external stimuli, and the repetitive subconscious patterns which constitute the client’s personal reality. As the client’s understanding of them self and their unique interpretation of the world becomes more cohesive they become more empowered to create sustainable, positive change in all aspects of their life and relationships, and to go steadily forward into the creation of their new life by design, rather than by default. 

Just as an Olympian or professional athlete relies upon the knowledge, observations, and feedback of a “coach”, Jay's clients benefit in similar ways via the comprehensive insights and creative solutions he shares with them. 

A series of sessions is a very solid investment in your future


HYPNOSTASIS™ is a multi-session metacognition program which draws upon highly refined hypnotherapeutic techniques designed to systematically interrupt chronic stress and / or negative limiting thought patterns. Jay facilitates proper conditioning of the mind and body for ease of movement into more balanced, creative states of being. Here the client learns to intentionally, and harmoniously align with their body’s innate intelligence and their subconscious mind. 

Sessions are approximately 1.5 hours in duration.

Clients may opt for a package of sessions that combines a mixture of HYPNOSTASIS™ and TLC.

Transforming Therapy Sessions

Designed to directly address the subconscious mind, these highly transformational sessions include a unique synthesis of processes including hypnotic-regression, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), bioenergetics, gestalt therapy, HYPNOSTASIS™, and more. Each session is uniquely designed to follow the mind of the client and deal with what emerges. Sessions are typically 3+ hours in duration.


Hypnotherapeutic sessions are accumulative and progressive. That is to say that the effectiveness tends to increase per the trajectory gained over a series of sessions.

Private, Transformational Intensive Retreats

Private retreats are customized in accordance with the specific desires and life situation of the client. They are designed for deep personal transformation. These retreats consist of a comprehensive program that typically includes Transforming Therapy, Transformational Life Coaching, Hypnostatsis™, yoga, meditation, organic vegetarian meals, nutritional support, lifestyle education, accommodation, time for self-reflection, and inspirational outings.

The locations for the retreats are carefully selected to provide the most optimal environment possible. Lovely settings in nature away from excessive man-made noise, pollution, and other forms of over-stimulation are always sought.

The duration of such retreats is ideally between 10 and 30 nights. Longer is often better as it allows more time for natural de-stimulation, detoxification, and integration.


The cost varies depending upon many factors including the exact location, duration, apllicable travel expenses, and specific content.