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"You don’t just come to be a new personality in a matter of seconds. It takes time. You must be willing to leave the same familiar predictable self - connected to the same thoughts, choices, behaviours, and feelings- and

step into the void of the unknown."

HYPNOSTASIS™ practitioners course – level one


HYPNOSTASIS™ is a therapeutic modality that utilizes specific techniques derived from clinical hypnotherapy to promote homeostasis in the brain and body. HYPNOSTASIS™ is complimentary to other types of therapies and medical interventions. It is designed to amplify the potential for well-being via the reduction of stress, improved emotional/physical balance, and increased emotional self-control.


HYPNOSTASIS™ is totally non-invasive and applicable to most individuals.


HYPNOSTASIS™ can be practiced as a stand-alone treatment modality, it can be integrated as a compliment to other types of treatments, and it can be utilized as a “self –hypnosis” personal daily practice.


HYPNOSTASIS™ sessions do not involve formal processing of the mind. This suggests that practitioners can perform HYPNOSTASIS™ without getting into areas which require more extensive expertise and professional certifications.


For wellness oriented practitioners and individuals, this course provides an excellent opportunity to begin exploring the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapeutic techniques for the sake of optimal well-being. Attendees will gain uncommon insights into body, mind, transformation, and the nature of personal reality while at the same time gaining the knowledge required to certify in a stand-alone wellness related healing modality.


The HYPNOSTASIS™ course is designed to be beneficial to all and is an excellent choice for those seeking personal growth.


HYPNOSTASIS™ is a realarively new therapeutic modality and hence online information is limited. Please contact for complete details and to arrange for a personal consultation to confirm whether this course is appropriate for you based upon your background and intentions.

The workshop on;

Health, Happiness, Healing, and Hypnosis. 


Intriguing insights into the nature of personal (and planetary) reality.


Hypnosis is a broad and complex subject. Within this workshop Mr. Schumacher presents thought provoking insights from nearly two decades of practice in clinical hypnotherapy. He reveals the inner-workings of the human mind, how our subconscious thoughts shape our “reality”, and exactly how this so-called “reality” can be transmuted to bring about positive change psychologically and physically.

​The workshop includes an interesting multifaced presentation afterwhich all attendees will have the opportunity to observe or participate in “HYPNOSTASIS™”, a wonderful equilibrium promoting, hypno-therapeutic process.


HYPNOSTASIS™ is a term coined by Mr Schumacher. The name relates to a unique, complimentary therapeutic modality designed to amplify the potential for positive results within a wide array of medical and psychological interventions.

Via increased self-control and the resultant improved emotional/physical balance, chronic and acute stress patterns are interrupted thus allowing more internal resources to be naturally directed by the body’s innate intelligence into the over-all wellbeing of the patient.

Who should attend?


Especially those interested in health, happiness, better relationships, and a more satisfying life here on planet earth.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy. What is it, and how does it work?

  • The human mind, cohesive or fragmented, what difference does it make?

  • The secret power of perception.

  • How our personality and our environment shape our personal reality.

  • Bio-accumulation, stress, over-stimulation

  • What difference does it make what one thinks?

  • Tales of transformation.

  • HYPNOSTASIS™. What is it, and how does it work?....and of course, how does it feel!?

  • Self-hypnosis and self-therapy techniques.

  • How to interrupt negative, limiting, subconscious patterns.

  • The importance of hope.


There will be plenty of time for Q & A.